May Early Career Researcher 2023

INSPIRE'S Early Career Researchers Series

Researcher Spotlight

This month’s INSPIRE Early Career Researcher is Simona Arculeo from Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori of Milan.

Simona is a radiation oncologist with plenty of research experience. She will have an important role to play in assessing and supporting the INSPIRE participants.

photo Arculeo
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Simona Arculeo

Simona, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Simona Arculeo and I am a radiation oncologist. I have been working at Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori of Milan since 2023 and I am involved in the INSPIRE project.

My clinical interests are the management of patients with advanced cancer, also in a palliative setting, and stereotactic radiotherapy.

During my clinical training, I was involved in various clinical protocols and research activities. My main focus on clinical research is related to the use of radiotherapy in the management of cancer patients, as well as to the technological and biological issues in high-precision radiotherapy, with an emphasis on hypofractionation.

What’s your role in INSPIRE?

My role in the INSPIRE project will be to follow the patient from a clinical point of view from the recruitment to the end of the intervention.

In detail, I will focus on:

  • identifying the participant’s priorities and concerns;
  • checking the participant’s understanding of the disease and its relationship to functional well-being;
  • supporting the participant in expressing expectations about rehabilitation;
  • assessing physical abilities and functional performance.
What excites you the most about INSPIRE? 

I am proud to have the opportunity to give my contribution in such an important project and to cooperate with rehabilitation experts.

I am certain that palliative rehabilitation will provide a multidimensional approach to health care and it will be a great help for patients with advanced cancer.

I hope that in the future palliative rehabilitation would become a routine part of cancer care.

How would you describe the INSPIRE project in three words?