April Early Career Researcher 2023

INSPIRE'S Early Career Researchers Series

Researcher Spotlight

This month’s Early Career Researcher is Barbara Bressi who is a physiotherapist with Reggio Emilia Hospital and has a lot of experience in the area of cancer rehabilitation. Barbara has been with the INSPIRE research team from the very beginning, since the submission of the proposal, and is now involved in delivering the palliative rehabilitation intervention.
photo Barbara Bressi
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Barbara Bressi

Barbara, tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a physiotherapist with a Ph.D. in Clinical and Experimental Medicine from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and a MSc in the field of Exercise and Sports Science.

During my undergraduate education I collaborated on varied research projects with the aim of acquiring a deep scientific and professional competence in clinical research. The main activities I have carried out in the last few years aimed at implementing evidence-based cancer rehabilitation in patients with prostate, breast and lung cancer.

I am currently part of the research group of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit of the Reggio Emilia Hospital, which is also a Cancer Research Institute. The primary aim of our research group is to contribute to improving the quality of life of patients living with cancer through the implementation of rehabilitation interventions that meet the needs of patient

What’s your role in INSPIRE?

My main role in INSPIRE will be to provide the palliative rehabilitation intervention to the participants in the INSPIRE project. The main objective is to verify the impact and the feasibility of a patient-tailored rehabilitation intervention targeted to the diverse functional needs experienced by people with incurable cancer. Additionally, I will contribute to data collection on outcomes of interest, such as deconditioning, fatigue, breathlessness, pain, and cachexia (muscle and fat loss, anorexia and reduced physical function). I am also contributing to the retrieval and production of a culturally congruent training handbook

What excites you the most about INSPIRE? 
I look forward to working on this project with other researchers and am honored to be part of this group. I think it will be thrilling to work with different professionals from other European countries, to share and generalize valuable multidisciplinary knowledge and experience which can contribute to patient care.
How would you describe the INSPIRE project in three words?