As part of INSPIRE, we are developing and publishing a number of helpful resources to share project updates and knowledge. Have a browse below at our additions to date.

World Cancer Research Day 2023

INSPIRE is proud to support the World Cancer Research Day 2023 campaign. Our campaign poster is now available for downloading. Let’s work towards equitable, clinically- and cost-effective care together. 

Stakeholder Engagement

At INSPIRE, we want to make sure all voices are heard and represented in our research. To ensure we capture these diverse voices and views, we have begun the process of stakeholder mapping, which involves identifying all parties with the potential to influence and/or be influenced by the project. We will be uploading public content to support our stakeholder engagement shortly- stay tuned!

photo The INSPIRE Team at Kings College London January 2023: Members pose on a stairway in the Cicely Saunder's Institute

Members of the INSPIRE Consortium at the Cicely Saunders’ Institute, King’s College London (January 2023)