Kveloce provides researchers with the necessary resources to generate knowledge and/or scientific-technical results that improve our society. Kveloce’s vision is doing so by becoming the reference consultancy in Europe for the scientific and research community, specializing in the most prestigious and excellent existing programs.​ We will base our success in the Excellence of our work​, Rigor​, Trust​ and our Commitment

The role

Kveloce’s role includes the definition of policy recommendations, standards for evidence based communication trainings for caregivers and work on the exploitation of results and innovative business models. Beyond this main core of activities, Kveloce will also organise the final PALLIAKID Conference in Brussels as well as providing general management support.


Maite Ferrando Garcia, PHD


Mireia Ferri Sanz, PhD

Luisa (1)

Luisa Hueso, PHD

Juan Antonio Pavón (2)

Juan Antonio Pavón Losada

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