Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam (Erasmus MC)

The Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam is committed to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education ( The center has broad expertise in various research fields, ranging from fundamental and clinical domains to public health and prevention, with an annual research budget of around €120 million. Erasmus MC holds 309 projects funded by the European Commission, of which 140 Horizon projects, including collaborations with partners from over 55 countries worldwide. Erasmus MC is ranked worldwide between no. 8-42 for various medical fields (US News 2022) and its research publications have an impact of 2.31x (preclinical) and 2.42x (clinical & health sciences) world average. 

In addition to scientific research, patient care and education are core tasks of Erasmus MC. Erasmus MC is the top referral center for a region of about five million inhabitants. Erasmus MC is also the largest medical school in the Netherlands, with nearly 3,000 medical students, 500 research master students, 1250 PhD students and 243 PhD graduations in 2021. It offers MD, research master and PhD programs. Together, the students and around 16,000 employees at Erasmus MC improve individual patient care and public health of tomorrow.

The role

The Erasmus MC leads the Work Package on Evaluation, which covers the formative and summative evaluation of the implementation and effects of the PALLIAKID intervention. Also, Erasmus MC has an advisory role in the adaption of the PALLIAKID intervention to the several pilot sites.

Agnes van der Heide

Agnes van der Heide, PHD

Senior Researcher, team lead and principal investigators

Carine van Capelle, PhD

Senior Researcher and principal investigators

Vincent Jaddoe, PHD

Senior Researcher

Kyra Ubaghs MSc

Kyra Ubaghs, MSc

Project manager

Amy van Grieken

Amy van Grieken, PhD

Senior Researcher

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