Children's Clinical University Hospital (BKUS)

The BKUS (Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Riga), Latvia, specialises in providing medical care to children from infancy through adolescence. As a university hospital, it plays a crucial role in medical education and research, collaborating with medical faculties to train healthcare professionals and conduct studies aimed at improving child health outcomes. The hospital offers a wide range of paediatric services across various specialties, ensuring comprehensive care for young patients. With a focus on both acute and chronic conditions, the hospital employs a multidisciplinary approach, integrating the expertise of various specialists to offer individualised treatment. It also emphasises patient and family-centred care, recognising the importance of supporting not just the physical health of its young patients but their emotional and social well-being as well.


The role

BKUS is involved as a clinical partner.

Agija Kramina

Agija Kramina, MD

Paediatrician in Children’s Palliative Care Service

Elīna Dimiņa

Elīna Dimiņa, PhD

Head of the Education and Research Department

Inese Gobiņa

Inese Gobiņa, PhD

Deputy Head of Research Unit

Sofja Tomase

Ieva Studente

Project Coordinator

Sofja Tomase, MSc

Deputy manager in Children’s Palliative Care Service

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