Article Highlight: Systematic Review

Article Highlight Link to Systematic Review Exercise-based interventions for cancer cachexia: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials  We are delighted to highlight the open access availability of a new systematic review about exercise-based interventions for cancer-related cachexia. Supervised by INSPIRE’s Scientific Lead, Professor Matthew Maddocks, this systematic review synthesises evidence from randomised and non-randomised […]

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January Researcher 2024

INSPIRE’S Researchers Series Researcher Spotlight  Welcome back to our Researcher Spotlight series! Every month we highlight one of our consortium members working to bring INSPIRE forward.  Our first INSPIRE researcher of 2024 is Margherita Schiavi! Margherita is a practising Occupational Therapist, an Exercise Physiologist, and is currently completing her PhD. Given her experience in both

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