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The unique DIAdIC consortium constitutes of nine academic partners from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and two European organizations responsible for dissemination and increasing impact. The DIAdIC Project is the only example of the international transdisciplinary collaboration focused on providing better support to people with advanced cancer and their family caregivers.

To learn more about each partner and the people working on the DIAdIC project, click any of the logo’s below.


Research Partners

Dissemination Partners

Intervention nurses

  • Janita de Koeijer & Erika van Wijk  the Netherlands

  • Joanna Bate – The UK (London)

  • Margot Creighton – The UK (Belfast)

  • Aoife McCann, Snehal Prabhukeluskar & Nuala Hannon – Ireland

  • Charlotte Depoortere & Ann D’Olieslager – Belgium

  • Lone Henriette Andersen – Denmark

  • Silvia Zini, Stefania Tortella, Chiara Puglisi & Federica Sforacchi – Italy

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