The Brain and Pain (BaP) team at SEPNECA 2023

As part of the PAINLESS consortium, The Brain and Pain team (BaP) (directed by Prof. Carrillo-de-la-Peña) participated in the XIII Conference of the Spanish Society of Psychophysiology and Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SEPNECA, 2023).Last week, SEPNECA celebrated their conference in Santiago de Compostela.

On behalf of the PAINLESS consortium, Noelia Samartin Veiga and Lara Rubal Otero presented the study protocols for work packages:

  1. Prospective, longitudinal study to understand and predict oncological pain
  • Validity of a panel of central pain processing and modulation biomarkers to predict the occurrence of chronic pain in cancer patients. A study protocol
  1. Cross-sectional study comparing patients with and without cancer pain.
  • Determination of central pain modulation biomarkers to characterize and profile cancer patients with refractory pain: A study protocol

Thanks to Noelia, Lara and the Brain and Pain team for their work in the dissemination of the PAINLESS project.

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