2nd General Assembly Meeting

The second General Assembly of the PAINLESS Project took place in Bucharest from 4th – 7th of September 2023, courtesy of our hosts, SIMAVI. The programme consisted of a two-day meeting with consortium partners, followed by visits to the clinical units in Brasov and Bucharest.  

Our Principal Investigator, Prof. Maria Teresa Carillo kicked off the meeting with a review of the project’s first year and spoke of the challenges and achievements we’ve experienced to date. Representatives from the consortium partners gave updates on each of the work packages and we had the opportunity to hear how much progress has been made e.g. protocols have been registered, ethics applications approved, tutorials have been developed and undertaken and dissemination reach of the project through the website and social media continues to grow.

The assembly meeting also provided an opportunity to see hands on how the PAINLESS project works through:

2nd GA Bucharest
  • a demonstration of the PAINLESS platform being developed by SIMAVI for patients, administrators and clinicians
  • technical workshops from USC and SERGAS on the use of QST and EEG equipment
  • a technical workshop from UMG and Neuroconn on neuromodulation.

The meeting highlighted the complexity of the PAINLESS project as it navigates and integrates research and clinical procedures with novel technical advances at local, national and international levels. The PAINLESS General Assembly meeting emphasised the importance of training, disseminating, sharing and recording activities in achieving our goals.

For members of the consortium who would like to see the presentations, they are available in the TEAMs folder.

Thanks to Dana and the team at SIMAVI for hosting us and looking forward to Prague in December 2024!