June Researcher- Rehab Professionals 2024

INSPIRE'S Researchers Series - Rehabilitation Professionals

Researcher Spotlight

 Welcome back to our Researcher Spotlight series! Every month we highlight members of our consortium across Europe who are working to bring INSPIRE forward. 

This month, we’re highlighting the contributions of two rehabilitation professionals, Sarah and Louise, who will be delivering the INSPIRE intervention to individuals with cancer in our clinical centre in Denmark. We are delighted to hear from the clinical side of INSPIRE and to touch base with those responsible for implementation on the ground!

Left to right: Sarah Antonie Haubro Lauritzen & Louise Rønne Tscherning

INSPIRE Partner for Denmark

Sarah Antonie Haubro Lauritzen & Louise Rønne Tscherning

Tell us a bit about yourselves, Sarah and Louise!

We are both physical therapists with more than 20 years of experience in palliative care and rehabilitation. We both have a background in private practice and are now working together in a hospital-based palliative care unit with in- and out-patients. We have been involved in research before, but not in this specific context with palliative rehabilitation and this scope of international collaboration.

What’s your role in INSPIRE?

We are the rehabilitation therapists in Denmark. We will shortly be delivering the INSPIRE intervention to patients with cancer and addressing their individual needs. We’re looking very much forward to get started!

What excites you the most about INSPIRE? 

It’s exciting to be part of something bigger than our own unit, hospital and country. Once we have the results of the INSPIRE trial, we hope that it will have an impact on our daily practice moving forward

How would you describe the INSPIRE project in three words?