February Researcher 2024

INSPIRE'S Researchers Series

Researcher Spotlight

 Welcome back to our Researcher Spotlight series! Every month we highlight one of our consortium members working to bring INSPIRE forward. 

This month, we’re highlighting the contributions of Dr. Elisa Vanzulli. Elisa is a physician who has specialised in physical medicine and rehabilitation. A crucial member of the Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori’s team, Elisa is supporting the administration of the intervention and assessing whether certain strategies were helpful for patients working towards their rehabilitation goals.

Elisa Vanzulli
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Elisa Vanzulli

Tell us a bit about yourself Elisa!

I am a physician with a specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Since my degree, I have worked in a specialist clinical role and my current main interest is related to rehabilitation for patients with cancer. I take care of patients in every stage of their illness, from the beginning to the end of life, and my job deals with patients of all ages, from childhood to adulthood. I have always been interested in research and I enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to participate in the INSPIRE project

What’s your role in INSPIRE?

My role in INSPIRE is to recruit patients and to administer the questionnaires at the various expected times as required by the protocol of the project. I will also find out if the strategies suggested by the rehabilitation practitioners have been useful to reach the patient’s goal.

What excites you the most about INSPIRE? 

I am proud to collaborate with other European partners in a project focused on patients with advanced cancer. In my opinion it’s crucial to support the patient in all stages of the disease and I believe that the importance of the palliative rehabilitation should be recognized by the scientific community and adopted in the care pathway.

How would you describe the INSPIRE project in three words?