December Researcher 2023

INSPIRE'S Researchers Series

Researcher Spotlight

 Welcome back to our Researcher Spotlight series! Every month we highlight one of our consortium members working to bring INSPIRE forward. 

As we approach the end of the year, we are spotlighting Anne-Sophie Belmont from Hospices Civils de Lyon, France. Anne-Sophie is a research academic who has specialized in clinical trial management in the fields of oncology and palliative care.  Anne-Sophie’s expertise in integral to the management of INSPIRE to keep the trial on track!

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Anne-Sophie Belmont​

Tell us a bit about yourself Anne-Sophie!

My name is Anne-Sophie. I have studied biochemistry and have an academic research background (Ph.D/post-doc). I am now specialized in clinical trials and project management, with a specific focus in oncology and palliative care medicine. I am currently working at HCL to support healthcare professionals in the setting-up of their research protocol (design/writing and submission to ethical authorities) and the management of their clinical trial (follow-up of patient enrolment in the different centres, insurance of high quality data collection and analysis).

I am working on different trial projects ranging from translational research projects to supporting care approaches.

What’s your role in INSPIRE?

The aim of the INSPIRE trial is to determine how a rehabilitation intervention can improve the quality of life of advanced cancer patients. We will study in parallel how this intervention is perceived by healthcare professionals and patients and the environment where the trial is conducted. This will provide insights to explain the trial results and information about the potential scaling-up of this intervention. This ancillary study of the INSPIRE trial is called ANSPIRE.

My role in INSPIRE/ANSPIRE is (in collaboration with Dr ECONOMOS and Mrs ROMEYER).

  • To support the submission of the INSPIRE protocol to the French Authorities and open the clinical trial in France
  • To design the methodology and prepare all the necessary trial documents of the ANSPIRE study (protocol, trial agreement,..) for all EU participants to open ANSPIRE in parallel of INSPIRE.
What excites you the most about INSPIRE? 

INSPIRE is exciting because:

  • Rehabilitation in palliative care is innovative!
  • INSPIRE is born from a physiotherapist’s PhD. Things are starting to change but it is still too rare in France to have trials led by rehabilitation practitioners. Research in France is still mainly led by physicians and I am really excited to see things changing. I hope this will inspire our French Rehab practioners to conduct more research projects !
  • The conduction of INSPIRE and ANSPIRE in parallel will provide simultaneous insights on the efficacy of the trial (INSPIRE) and its implementation (ANSPIRE). This trial uses a methodology called a hybrid design trial, which is a new innovative way of running trials. It is exciting!
How would you describe the INSPIRE project in three words?