Core Research Competencies

The RESPACC ERASMUS+ funded project identified core research competencies for palliative care clinicians. The notion of competence corresponds to the ability to apply knowledge and skills to successfully perform an activity at work. We focus on enhancing core research competences for those clinicians in multidisciplinary palliative care teams, considering a team level but also an individual level. Some competencies could be considered essential to do research in a team, but they would not be essential for every team member, because it would be enough that someone on the team has the competence for the investigation to be carried out. AIM: To identify a set of core research competencies that should be demonstrated by the multidisciplinary palliative team, to carry out a successful clinical study. METHODS: A multi-method approach was adopted which included three phases.

A4 Brochure

A3 Infographic

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