RAPHAEL Kick-off Meeting March 2024 

The RAPHAEL kick-off meeting brought us to Zeist, a small but charming city in central Netherlands with a rich history. Besides the beautiful Slot Zeist (and its perfidious origins) dating back to the 17th century, it is the birthplace of the ophthalmologist Herman Snellen who created the well-known Snellen chart for measuring visual acuity.  

Over the two days of meeting, 26 members of the consortium came together for their first face to face meeting. Several members joined online and one even managed both formats! 

There were 11 presentations in total and representatives from each of the eight work packages had the opportunity to present and illustrate their work and plans for the project. Throughout the two days there was planning, discussions and agreements on how best to coordinate the different aspects of the project.  

The stage has certainly been set for this important multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary project……who knows, the Snellen chart may not be the only contribution to health care to come out of Zeist! 

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