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University Hospital Bonn | Departament of Palliative Medicine


The Department of Palliative Medicine at the University Hospital of Bonn in Germany, established in 2010, includes an eight-bed palliative care unit, a hospital support team and a research team. Our team consists of physicians and nurses, psychologists, social workers as well as researchers with different backgrounds: Medicine, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, social work and nursing. The researchers are involved in numerous research projects, some of them carried out in collaboration with national and/or international research centres or in research associations. Lukas Radbruch is also head of the Centre for Palliative Care at the Helios Hospital in Bonn. This centre consists also of a palliative care unit (10 beds, established in 1990), a home specialist palliative team, a bereavement service for adults and children, an outpatient hospice service (volunteers and staff for coordination), an inpatient volunteer service, a teaching academy for palliative medicine and palliative care and a publishing house. Staff from both departments is involved in the teaching of palliative medicine and palliative care at the medical faculty of the University of Bonn.
Role within Pal-Cycles

WP1: Development and local adaptation of the PAL-CYCLES framework intervention
WP2: Training and implementation support
WP3: Stepped wedge clinical trial
WP5: Ethical, sociocultural and policy analysis (co-lead)