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Corporate Identity

  • D6.1. Logo, website and corporate identity

Training Design

  • D2.1. Training Design

Country Leadership

  • D1.1. Creation of country leadership teams


  • Payne SA, Hasselaar J. Exploring the Concept of Transitions in Advanced Cancer Care Palliat Med. 2023

Stakeholder Mapping

  • D6.2. Pal-Cycles Stakeholder mapping

Governance Structure

  • D7.1. Pal-Cycles Set up governance structure, including advisory boards

EAPC Congress 2023

  • D6.4. EAPC Congress Abstract

Other publications

  • Reigada C, Koper I. Pal-Cycles: a novel program that brings together experts ... Paliatia 2023

Pal-Cycles Brochure

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