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Project Approach

How we manage the work to achieve all objectives

Model of Work Packages

Overall Outcome

The need for palliative care begins early in the course of a life-threatening illness and only when implemented in time, the beneficial impact of palliative care for the patients, their close ones, and society can reach its full potential.

The current reality however is that misconceptions regarding palliative care and the lack of education of healthcare providers are still important obstacles preventing the timely integration of palliative care in a patient’s care plan.

As a consequence, for the estimated 56.8 million people worldwide with palliative care needs, those needs are not met.

Within this context, the NursEduPal@IMPACT project was conceived.

Model of Work Packages

Project management and implementation

Knowledge to facilitate implementation of core competencies in palliative care and palliative care leadership

Work package 2 deals with the acquisition of essential knowledge in clinical, professional and moral-ethical palliative care leadership to empower nurses to implement core competencies in palliative care delivery.


  • E-courses with accompanying syllabi and supporting learning materials will be created.

  • Webinars will take place for asynchronous and synchronous online learning.

Self-efficacy as an engine for nursing leadership in palliative care

Work package 3 is about training and strengthening the self-efficacy required for clinical, professional and moral-ethical palliative care leadership by stimulating collaborative learning between target groups and stakeholders.


  • With the input of the Community of Practice and using the innovative tools of the NursEduPal@Euro project we will create a new complex patient case that will be the starting point for the development of IMPACT tools for training self-efficacy (including clinical reasoning, moral case deliberation, simulations and a serious game).

  • A train the trainer event will be organised for the project teaching staff, supported by a ‘how-to’ manual, so that they can implement IMPACT training for self-efficacy

  • National Communities of Practice of the partner countries will be immersed in these novel learning materials during national IMPACT weeks.

Empowering nurses as palliative care influencers

In work package 4 we will enable, empower and encourage nurses to become palliative care influencers that demonstrate clinical, professional and moral-ethical palliative care leadership, embrace opportunities for palliative care development, and act as effective advocates for palliative care.


  • The learning and training materials from the project will be compiled into a ‘Training of trainers for nursing leadership in palliative care’ manual.

  • A mentorship programme, Let’s practice INFLUENCE, will be organised for the participants of national IMPACT weeks in which all they have learned in the two other concentric levels will be brought to practice in individual development programmes.

Communication, dissemination, exploitation and impact

Work package 5 aims to achieve the widest possible dissemination of the project’s information and outputs to relevant audiences and stakeholders. It includes online and in-person opportunities for knowledge exchange, networking and sharing of the project resources.


  • An in-person multiplier event for target audiences and stakeholders (with grants to support the attendance of participants from European low-middle income countries).

  • Development of a communication, dissemination, explotation and impact plan.
  • Designated project website for project information and resources.
  • Organisation of synchoronous teaching webinars and dissemination webinars.
  • Submission of abstracts to ( inter)national confreneces.

Overall Outcome

The overall outcome of the project is a learning trajectory to attain clinical, moral-ethical and professional leadership in palliative care.

By achieving this outcome, the NursEduPal@IMPACT team aims to improve access to quality palliative care through education. The objective is to empower nurses and their educators to show leadership and act as palliative care influencers that promote good practices in their surroundings.

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