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Dr. Nicoleta Mitrea APRN, PhD

Regional project coordinator for the HCS team

Nicoleta is actively involved in organising, supervising and teaching the subjects in palliative care at all three levels of education for nurses: undergraduate, advanced and specialized. She started her nursing career at a very young age in a pediatric hospital. December 1998 marked the beginning of an unexpected career in palliative nursing, when she joined the Hospice “Casa Speranţei” (HCS) as a home care nurse. Her knowledge, abilities and revolutionary style has been increasingly polished and appreciated. Currently Nicoleta leads the education and clinical practice of palliative care nurses in HCS, other palliative care services around the country and in several Eastern European countries and is coordinating the national specialization program in palliative care for nurses. Nicoleta had graduated the Master Program in palliative care in 2012 and the Medical Doctoral Studies in November 2017. Since 2020 she is a senior lecturer at the University of Transylvania from Braşov, Faculty of Medicine – Nursing division. She never stopped caring for patients and is currently performing her clinical duties in the HCS lymphedema ambulatory service. Since 2016, she is running in marathons to fund raise for free of charge care delivered by HCS to patients (children and adults) and their families.

Camelia Ancuta APRN, MSPC

Project researcher

Camelia is a nurse and she has been working in HCS since 2004. She is licensed in nursing and graduated the master’s program “Management and strategies in palliative care” at the Faculty of Medicine, Transylvania University in 2012. She is involved in palliative nursing education at basic, intermediate and specialized levels for health care providers in the country and the region.  As a team member in the Education, National Strategy and Development Department she is working in developing palliative care at the national level. In parallel, Camelia is a PhD student at University of Transilvania from Braşov where she is associate lecturer.

Teodora Cornelia Mathe PhD, APRN, MSPC

Technician in the project

Teodora is a paediatric palliative home care nurse, and she has been working in HCS Braşov since 2001. She provides palliative care for children and their families, especially from poor communities and she is also involved in palliative nursing education for health care providers in the country and region at basic, intermediate and specialized levels.

Licensed in Psychology, Teodora graduated the “Master of Management and Strategies of Palliative Care” at the Faculty of Medicine, Transylvania University in 2013, and she is a PhD graduate. Teodora is involved in palliative care training activities for students at the University of Transilvania from Braşov as an associate lecturer.

Andreea Szabo MSPH

Project manager HCS

Andreea is part of the educational and national development team of HCS since 2009. She has experience in project management, advocacy and organizational development of palliative care in Romania. In her activity she was involved in research, studies and drafting proposals to sustain a proper regulation in the palliative care field. Andreea has an economic educational background with a master degree in Public Health.

Otilia Catoiu

Technician online courses

Otilia steps into the Hospice Educational and National Development Team as a course organiser. A graduate of the Faculty of Letters of the Transilvania University of Braşov, she furthered her knowledge through postgraduate studies as a documentarist teacher. Joining HCS in 2023, she is tasked with designing and developing engaging and effective online learning content. Passionate about transforming ideas to create dynamic learning experiences, she aims to bring innovation to education and promote access to quality learning, actively collaborating with colleagues and helping to implement modern strategies in this ever-changing field.

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