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About the project


Pal-Cycles refers to a “Flight Cycle” which involves the complete cycle of an airplane from take-off to touchdown. As an analogy, the Pal-Cycles intervention offers to people with advanced cancer and palliative care needs, a transitional palliative care programme from ‘take-off’ from the hospital towards ‘landing’ safely in homecare.


  • To adapt and implement the Pal-Cycles programme in 7 countries.
  • To train oncologists, general practitioners, hospital and home care nurses in identifying palliative care needs of people with advanced cancer and their families.
  • To establish a comprehensive and collaborative management plan providing patient-centred communication for hospital discharge planning, advanced care planning and end-of-life care.
  • To implement a clinical trial using a stepped wedge design in 14 care settings in 6 European countries and United Kingdom. 
  • To describe the barriers and opportunities of implementing the Pal-Cycles programme.
  • To investigate the human and ethical issues surrounding the situation of hospital discharge to home care.
  • To disseminate the results of the project in an ongoing and systematic way.


Pal-Cycles will result in a better access to transitional care for advanced cancer patients and families.

People with advanced cancer (independently of their age) will have early and better access to supportive, palliative, survivorship, or end-of-life care services of higher quality and (cost) effectiveness.
Impact on higher quality and (cost)-effective services via research and service development (middle term).