Multi-lingual Platform Launch! 

We have reached a major milestone: the Painless platform, created by the partner SIMAVI, is now ready in all the languages of the consortium: Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Romanian, German, Italian, Hebrew and English. This will be utilised in the 3 clinical studies: 

    1. A longitudinal, prospective 12-month study to develop a predictive tool for the future occurrence of pain in recently cancer diagnosed patients. 

    1. A cross-sectional, case-control study to characterize and stratify patients with oncological pain. 

    1. A randomized controlled trial to test home-based transcranial electric stimulation for the palliative care of cancer pain. 

This platform will contribute to improving symptom control for cancer pain patients and may have future applicability beyond the Painless project.  

We also have our project flyer. available in 10 languages; Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish. It contains key information on the project, including our aims, objectives and details on the three-part study. It is available to download at  . 

Having these resources available in multiple languages ensures diversity within our European project by making research accessible at a local level.