Universita Degli Studi Di Torino

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UniTO is a university dedicated to research that makes a fundamental contribution to technological advance, cultural growth and civil coexistence, thus providing a basis for innovative and dynamic teaching. UNITO is deep-rooted in Piedmont but at the same time endowed with an international vocation. It is committed to innovation and the social, cultural and economic growth of Italy and the international community. UniTO aims to develop a study and research community that listens to the needs and aspirations of each individual, fostering a collaborative environment that is inclusive and open to dialogue, and where personal and professional growth are encouraged. Moreover, it aims to help develop local engagement and improve civil society by constant interchange with institutions and businesses, promoting research, scientific dissemination and cultural initiatives.

The Role

UNITO is supporting WP6 for sociocultural, ethics and policy impact.  

Paola Di Giulio

Associate Professor

Valerio Dimonte

Full Professor

Sara Campagna

Associate Professor

Marco Clari

Assistant Professor

Beatrice Albanesi

Research Fellow

Silvia Gonella

Research nurse

Daniela Berardinelli

PhD student

Elena Casabona

PhD student

Federica Riva-Rovedda

PhD student

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