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Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) is a research university characterized by a humanist vision, committed to contributing to knowledge and to the well-being of society. UCP is a nationwide university, with four regional campuses, with strong inter-sectoral ties. UCP is recognized for the societal impact of its research agenda and for its contribution to the formulation of policies. Research at UCP is organized in Research Centres (R&D Units) and Associate Laboratories, following the National Scientific System implemented by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Within this model, UCP has been successful in guaranteeing competitive national funding for its units, boosting laboratories and R&D Units with the Excellence Seal from competitive international FCT evaluations.

The Role

UCP Team, led by Prof. Dr. Sandra Martins Pereira, leads the overall implementation of project In-Touch in Portugal and co-leads WP6. Sociocultural, ethics, and policy impact. Within WP6, UCP Team leads all the ethics and research ethics related tasks: Task 6.2. Ethics and equity review; Task 6.5. Embedded ethics of care and ethics of equity in health and justice study; and Task 6.6. Research ethics and integrity guidance, monitoring, and reporting.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Martins Pereira

FCT Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Pablo Hernández-Marrero

Ph.D. University of Toronto

Research Professor

Prof. Dr. Sandra Cristina da Silva Neves


Assistant Professor

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